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[rating:0]Yes, that is zero yellow stars in case you are wondering.

During my adult life I have spent alot of time in Mexico, many vacations and I have eaten plenty of Mexican food. Though it’s not my favorite food, I “can” eat it.

What can I say about this place?We walked in, stood around, noone said anything, walked over to a table and prepared to become comfortable, then someone shows up. Eventually we get a seat. So I felt this place was loud, disorganized and with the exception of the fajitas, the food was not very appealing or pleasing to the taste.

The goat cheese quesadillas were a sloppy slimy mess. Runny, oily, just plain ol’ nasty. Even as I write this I feel my stomach convulse at the though of that mess.. I’m not, nor have I ever been a fan of Mexican food. It’s just not my thing. But this was just nasty. I’m sorry.

I’m not a fan of guac, nor do I like sour cream, and most dishes tend to be garnished heavily in this stuff, that I don’t like. To be honest I didn’t even know this place was Mexican until it was already too late. Sort of. You can always walk out, but I didn’t want to be a douche. So I decided to give them a chance. I asked that they put the creams on the side, etc, but somehow it still managed to get all over my damn food. Lord…

As I mentioned earlier, the fajita was ok. I ate some rice, tomato, beef and peppers in the wrap, that was “ok”. Much better than the other stuff they served us. Avocado fries, lord have mercy, seriously? We didn’t even touch those damn things. The drink was ok, I had a stoli and pineapple, that was ok.

At the end of the night I have a bill for over $100 between me and my friend. What the fock??? 1 order of quesadillas, Nasty quesadillas, avocado fries that went uneaten, 1 prix fixe order of fajita, a sangria, and a stoli coming up at that cost? Hell no.

After examining the bill I notice a grey goose, a bacardi, and some fire drink. What the hell is this crap? I didn’t order none of this. I brought it to their attention, my friend immediately took a picture of the bill, and we addressed it. Ends up they were trying to stick us with $30 worth of someone else’s drinking, by accident. Really? Get the fock out of here man, you better fix that crap. And yes we are taking a picture of this.

Anyway, in case you haven’t figured it out, I’ll never come back to this place. Downstairs they have a club sort of, I stood sometime downstairs waiting for the bathroom, and most of the people going in there were not the type of folks I’d like to be around. Alot of b.s and conflict with the bouncer. As I was standing there they thought I was also a bouncer, that was funny, this guy was acting up, he looked at me, apologized and calmed down. Funny.

Yeah, so I’ll never give this place money again, they suck. Sorry.

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