Business Review – Innovators Service Company

I spoke with Eddie and made an appointment. The process was surprisingly painless, and I was pleased with initial “contact” made.

The day of the appt 2 gentlemen showed up, I beg their forgiveness as I am drawing a blank on their names at present time.

The guys spoke with us, we confirmed the plan, and then they went to work. They did a very good, fast job of painting the rooms on the apt. As far as I could see they took all the necessary precautions to protect the floor, and other parts of the apt that were not to be painted.

They were friendly and professional. I am pleased with the service, and the cost was pretty much the going for this type of work.

I have nothing bad to say, the only reason I don’t go 5 star is because I have nothing to compare to, and I did find a few spots that were “off” on the edges, but it’s so small that I am sure it would have happened to the best of them. Even Mike Tyson eventually got dropped…. Heheheh.

So, I’d recommend these guys, I can’t emphasize how pleasant the guys that did the work were, even in that hot @ss weather we were experiencing!

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