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Urbanspoon – Ise Japanese Restaurant


Ise Restaurant on Urbanspoon
I love Japanese food, and though my menu is still limited, I have been expanding it over the years. Oh how I wish I was this open to trying new things when I actually visited Japan.

I have sat down here for the dinner and I have also ordered take out from them. In both scenarios I must say I have been thoroughly satisfied.

During my sit down visits I have felt welcome and taken care of. I felt the staff was very attentive to our needs and cared for customer satisfaction.

When ordering take out the food has always been fresh and tasty. It has never arrived in a form that was unacceptable.

When I eat at Ise I always get the spicy tuna roll, it’s by far my favorite roll. You should definitely give it a try. Another staple in my Japanese arsenal is the spider roll! When served they are always warm, crunchy and delicious. This is another roll that you must try when visiting Ise.

This is the place that I use as the standard for sushi rolls. Whenever I eat sushi anywhere else, this is the standard that I hold it to.

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