Citysearch – Japas 38

We travel the city in search of the greatest karaoke bars and clubs. Tonight event featured 2 locations, one of which was this one.

The music selection was ok, nothing out of this world, the song books were old and quite a few pages were torn off. Even so they had a decent collection. The equipment was slightly dated and there was only one old style tv in the room.

Here’s where I took a bit of issue with them, we had a relatively large group show up, but our room was tiny. There were bigger rooms free but they did not accommodate us. Some of those bigger rooms were empty so I was a little annoyed about that, though my guess is that other people reserved them.

My cousin had come over with about 5 friends, but when they saw the space situation they decided to move on, they literally did not fit. We also had a few other people stop by and leave because of the space situation. I asked several staff at several times if we could get a larger room, but they all said no, “maybe after midnight”.

In any case those that remained did some singing, and enjoyed ourselves. The drinks were decent, they weren’t too generous nor too cheap with the alcohol.

At some point a worker came in and put our bill on the table, we took that as our hint to get out. After this we moved on to the next establishment.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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