Business Review – K2 Karaoke

Tonight the Lonely Hearts Club Karaoke Team (LHC) hit 2 locations. This was location number two. This place was so much cooler than the prior place we attended. They have multiple televisions, a much larger room, an awesome system, and a decent selection of music. As an added bonus they had flashing disco and strobe lights in the room.

For this place we didn’t call ahead, we just showed up and fortunately they had plenty of space as it was late and we were able to get a nice room. We remained for about 2 hours, had a few drinks and enjoyed the strobe lights.

I believe we all enjoyed this place much more, everything is more modern and easier to use for the most part (the control is a bit tricky). One thing we all noticed was that the room was a tad warm, we were all getting a little too warm.

Overall this was a great place, and at some point I believe the LHC should pay a return visit.

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