Business Review – Katsuno

I have mixed feelings about this place. I felt the food, (at least what I had) was good. It wasn’t the “best” I had, but it was good. My friends thought their dishes were “ok”, but not worth the wait or cost.

The 2 waitresses were nice. However my big gripes about the place are the speed which we were served, and the fact that a friend of mine DIDN’T GET HER MEAL AT ALL! THEY FORGOT!!! We thought they were still being slow, so we asked about her dish, turns out they forgot! Luckily for her one of my friends didn’t enjoy her dish so she was able to eat hers.. We cancelled the last dish as they were going to start preparing it then, and we didn’t want to wait another hour for it. Crazy.

The service here was beyond slow, I’ve been to Japan, so please don’t say Japanese are more relaxed. My neighbors to the right, and to the back were also taken aback by how slow the service was. One of them asked for a dish, and she wasn’t informed until about 30 minutes later that it was off the menu, they also said they won’t be returning…

We asked for food about 830pm and were not eating till about 945pm or so. For a few rolls and some grilled steaks, this really ridiculous. They need Chef Ramsey here to help organize things….

It’s a shame because I did enjoy the food once it came, but I don’t think any of us would agree to go back. We will have to find a different new local Japanese place to frequent, based solely on the speed, oh yeah, and the missed order……

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