Business Review – Keybar

The place itself was cool. Had a comfy sitting area, some standing area, and the drinks were pretty good. I went here for a UYE, met some new friends, pretty cool peeps.

The one thing I didn’t like was that the place was PACKED! Getting to the bar to order a drink was a ridiculous challenge. Standing and talking was next to impossible, constant traffic to and fro. The walls were a little awkward. It felt tight, I think we can all agree it’s a tiny place and there were simply too many people.

I left relatively early as I didn’t feel too comfortable, I was nowhere near drunk enough, nor could I get drunk enough (due to daytime commitments “today”) to be comfortable in these type of tight quarters.

I think the place was cool, my main issue was the sheer number of people present for the cheap 2 for 1 drinks, which Grey Goose doesn’t qualify for by the way. Had to eat that one full price, no 2nd free. But that’s ok, it was a good drink.

I still enjoyed my time there, I just wish I could have put down a few more, I’m sure it would have been alot more fun. Being sober in that environment doesn’t work to well for a naturally shy person like me.

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