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Business Review – Krav Maga Inc.

I attended this place a few years ago. Judging by the reviews, it sounds like they are pretty much still the same no joke group of people.

Day 1: Ron says to me, I’m going to hit you. I nod in agreement expecting a light tap. He socks me in the side of the head (that hurt by the way). He looks at me, and says I’m going to hit you again. He repeats the process and socks me on the other side of the head.

He looks at me as though I am mentally challenged, and says, ok, I’m going to hit you harder, this time when he throws his strike I bring my hand up, intercept the attack, and move away from the dude.

He smiles and says this is krav maga. We train our bodies to go with our instinctive reactions. You fought your instincts so you were hit twice. Once you embraced your instincts you stopped getting hit.

Lesson number one on day one.

I’m considering returning to get some work in here again. I recall the school moved alot from location to location, and that was one of the discouraging factors in my decision making. I need consistency so that I may plan.

However I will look into it, and if the elements are right I may be back here writing a review about how I got my butt whooped again

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