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Business Review – La Casa Day Spa (Part 2)

The gentleman that runs this place, Greg, is like the older uncle you never had. He’s a gentle soul, a soft spoken man and I simply adore the guy.

Today I had a “weight loss kick start detox” done. This consisted of 3 treatments:

1: Oxygen/Ozone bath – Hot steam
2: Colonic – Ouch!
3: Lymphatic Drain Massage – Comfy

The Oxygen bath is basically sitting inside of this weird contraction, you are sealed inside from the neck down, provided a control to manage the “temperature” and you have oxygen and ozone pumped into your pores. The heat machine opens up the pores for maximum absorption. It gets really hot and you should hydrate before using the machine and also use the restroom as you’ll spend at least 30 minutes sitting there. I turned the heat on and off as required during my session.

This type of therapy is claimed to provide all kinds of health benefits and is used heavily in Europe and other parts of the world, except the U.S and Canada of course. For my purposes its being used to strengthen the immune system and to assist my body in “detoxing” itself.

I’m not in the business of selling, so I won’t try and push the stuff on you, I take it with a grain of salt and hope for the best. If you’d like to learn more, research “ozone therapy”.

The colonic. Oh man. Today this thing was exceptionally more painful than I remember it. I’m not a big fan of having things shoved up my rear, just not my thing. It hurt. Ouch. But once the contraction is in there, it’s ok. Okay.

Basically you have water pumped up into your colon, which then produces your body’s natural pulsing reaction which then pushes the water back out and with it any of the poopage that is loosened up. For added benefit we used some magnetic pulsing machine on my stomach, this produced alot more waste than I recall the last times I did this procedure.

Again, I take this with a grain of salt, but man, putting it in there freaking is not comfortable. Ugh!

The massage.. Ahhh after a nice refreshing shower, and some time sitting on the toilet, this massage was great. It’s different, it’s a very soft touch massage and focuses on lymph drainage. Whatever that means. Regardless it felt good and was definitely welcomed after some painful rear cleansing!

I have also done a “pedidetox” foot treatment, that claims to remove toxins from the feets vital points. But we couldn’t do that today. These procedures are not very cheap, but I think they are fairly priced. I’ll gladly tell you if you PM me, but because I really like these guys, I’d rather not put their financials on blast here.

I like La Casa. I go from time to time for these cleansings. Do they work? Who knows, do vitamins work? Somethings we just do in hopes of success. Let’s see how I feel in the next few days. Right now I feel fine.

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