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I may have mentioned that I love pizza, it would be my last meal on earth if I had to choose after all.

That being said it’s obvious that I must have already tried this neighborhood pizza shop. I have.

There is nothing special about this place, it’s your simple pizza shop. They serve other items as well, but more on that later.

It’s slightly further from my home than a few other shops, and by slightly further I mean 3 minutes or so walking. But it’s on the way when coming out of the subway. Either way it’s worth it, the pizza here is delicious!


If I’m coming home on a late night after work, and I’m hungry, this place is usually open. It is open very late. Though you must note that the later you arrive the slimmer your selection of food items. Nonetheless, it’s there for you and the pizza is great.

One night we ordered pasta dishes, mine was good. My fiancee’s however left a little something to be desired. As a matter of fact, it tasted pretty bad and sour, so much so that we decided to return it. She simply couldn’t eat it, and I couldn’t justify paying $9 for something and trashing it.

I called up the restaurant and told them that we didn’t like the food, that it tasted sour and we were concerned for our safety. The man on the phone was very understanding and told me that if we were not happy with the product we could return it.

So I put on my flannel long pajama pants and walked over. I returned the item, asked them to taste it if they didn’t believe me, and I apologized for inconvenience. Again the gentleman apologized and said “Don’t apologize, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to eat it”.

I chose to exchange the item for their specialty, Pizza. So, back to my main point, their pizza is great. And though we had that little situation with the pasta, the way they handled it was great. And that more than makes up for the suspect food.

In closing, great place to eat Pizza.

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Angel Rodriguez

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