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I feel kind of weird reviewing this place, because it’s a small lotto/convenience store. But since I check in here from my yelp app when I go, it keeps saying “Your next review awaits”. Alright man, alright, I get it, I’ll review it.. Dejame quieto ya hermano…

So… Uhm? Wheneven the jackpot for megamillions goes really high (as if it makes a difference really) I always play. Me and my coworkers pool together and buy a crapload of tickets in the Wall Street area. Then individually we buy in our own neighborhoods.

As I live in Queens, I scour the streets for places that I think may have higher odds of winning, and this little spot here closes early, is a bit out of the way for people other than regulars, and I thought the odds are good.

The gentleman that I have encountered inside wasn’t overly friendly, but not unfriendly either, just kind of there. They provided what I needed, I paid and got out. Nothing special about this place, just get your lotto ticket and keep it moving.

For some odd reason it seems pricey, but then so do most of the “convenience stores” in the area.

Note, this place closes pretty early.

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