Yelp – Lysistrata Jones


First things first, shout out to Tina C for making me her plus one to this event. As most fans of the “ARodomus Prime Saga” are aware, I’m not Elite. Thanks Tina.

So this show was pretty cool, I enjoyed it. The singing was great, there was nice humor, some drama, love, dancing, even Basketball playing and hookers! What more could you want?

The story revolves around a girl who wants her basketball team to win, so the girls group together and decide they want to motivate the boys to win, to push further. Things are never that simple, so tons of drama ensues and then, then we have a musical!

There are some catchy tunes throughout, the girls are sexy and the boys are semi buffed, the outfits are nice and the band is great. For some reason as I watched this I kept thinking of Glee or High School Musical. In any case it was awesome getting into the dress rehearsal and getting to see the awesome show before it goes public.

If you appreciate the aforementioned types of shows, you will love this. Check it out..

And you, Jane P!!! For the record, I’m the first to review! Faker! LOL.. Just playing, I noticed you did what you did because I was trying to do the same thing. Pwhahahah..

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