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So I returned here today to celebrate my mom’s 21st birthday.
Along with my mom I invited my 16 year old sister to join us.
We arrived a bit early and the gentlemen was helpful and provided
us seats earlier. I’ve been a bit under the weather these last couple
of days, so the last thing I want to do is stand around waiting idle.
Also I had to take a serious wiz and dump action. Like I said, I’ve
been a bit under the weather.

My mom and sister were a bit confused by the menu, most of the items
are unknown to them as well as myself, I couldn’t answer what a
bousevillevousavecmoi or whatever is. So they decided to only have
entrees. I joined them on that idea. For simplicity’s sake my mom went
with the same item as I did, trout, and my little sister went with the steak.

Ok, first things first.. My sister’s steak was freaking delicious…  I mean,
gooooooooood. I wish I had that. My sister loved it and the sauce they
made very much.. It had creamed spinach and some starch I didn’t really
pay attention to. I told her, Chef Ramsay is one of the best.

To my surprise the menu was somewhat different than when I went last
month. That was a bit of a letdown as I was really looking forward to digging
into that beef wellington and mashed potatoes.

The trout was pretty good, me and my mom finished our plates. Though it looks
small, I actually felt satisfied with the meal. It came with  sea vegetables mixed
with some tangerines. The fish had slices of tangerine skin in the middle for flavor
I suppose, I kind of just spit the tangerine skin out as that caught me off guard.
The dish also came with some little potatoes, those were very flavorful as well.

The dish was good, but not perfect. We both found a few bones in our fish, which
is expected, but I’m not sure that meets Chef Ramsay’s standard. LOL.

All in all the dishes were good and the service was great as expected. But without
a doubt, my sister’s dish, and the wellington I had last time were much better than
the trout.

I will definitely return here…

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