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I attended this place after an exhausting open house at a dance school. Me and my fiancee went in, we were immediately impressed with the decor of the place, it’s very fancy and cool looking. You get the impression from the entrance point that this place is a hip chic place.

Upon entering we were asked if we had reservations, we looked around and saw the place was empty (it was still rather early for dinner) and we said, no, no reservations. Is that a problem? The girl said no and proceeded to sit us down. I’m assuming she was saving the nice seats for the people that put in reservations because she put us in the middle of the floor when plenty of more comfortable seating was available.

A gentleman came over and gave us 2 glasses of water. When asked if we wanted drinks we stated that we were ready to order. Our waiter was pretty much all business, not very friendly or social, which kind of blows because we saw the next table had a bubbly and friendly waitress. I observed her for a while and concluded she was being somewhat sincere in here friendly manner. I prefer that, but you take who you get when you are out to eat right?

I drank my water and my cup lasted a very long time with no refill, no one came by to ask how we were doing, if we needed anything, NADA. In fact we had to flag someone down simply to get more water. For the price you pay at this place, I’d expect a little better customer service.

I had 2 rolls, spicy tuna and a soft shell crab roll. The soft shell crap was very good, I enjoyed it very much. The tuna on the other hand left a little something to be desired. I guess I’m spoiled by the delicious spicy tuna rolls from Ise at Wall Street.

We shared a Kani salad and Rock Shrimp tempura. Both these dishes were pretty delicious, and probably the highlight of the evening.

As a main dish I had the chilean sea bass with brown rice. The fish was soft and buttery, it was good, but nothing to blow your mind, acceptable. The brown rice was kind of dry and bland, which is fine when I cook it, but I expect something a bit nicer when paying so much money for it.

My fiancee had the filet mignon with brown rice as well. She was not very impressed either. I tried the steak, it was ok, almost tasted somewhat spanish and chinese like. An interesting blend of flavors. It was good, but just the same, nothing to blow your mind.

I may return here because they had other dishes I’d like to try, and nothing was bad enough to turn me off to the place, it was ok. My fiancee isn’t very impressed and probably won’t want to go there again, she feels the cost doesn’t match up to what we received in way of food and service. Maybe next time I’ll get that sweet girl we saw as a waitress?

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Angel Rodriguez

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[…] This is the kani salad.  All the elements in this dish were delicious.  I really enjoyed it.  At you get to the salad portion of it, buried under the crab, you encounter this delicious dressing that they used. No idea what it’s made of, but it’s really good.  If you come here, you must try the kani salad. It’s definitely the hero for me. Along with some of their main dishes, those are amazing as stated in my first review. […]