Business Review – Moonshine

It’s always difficult for me to review a bar because I have never been a “bar” kind of guy. Back in the day when asked if I went to bars, my reply was always: “I’m a club goer, not a bar guy”. To which they replied: “You will be”.

Ok, so lately I have been going to bars. I don’t know what the difference is between a dive and whatever other bar types there are, to me a bar is a bar. But most of the people I associate with these days prefer to hang out at bars and have drinks and shoot the breeze.

This place was stop number dos on the “Yelp Triboro Bus tour”. It was a bit tight to get into at first, but once in it was all good. There was some popcorn, beer, and games. Apparently I missed a great game of “twister”, but I was busy chatting it up with some other friends. I did join the group in the back where the gaming was taking place, but I arrived after the cracktastic festivities had passed.

I enjoyed the time there, the scene was cool, the bartender was cool, chill place. I’m not a big beer drinker so I had a screwdriver. Wow was that screwdriver strong. I had to face my shame and ask the nice bartender to please add more juice to it. Yes, I did it, and yes people saw, and yes they made fun of me….


*Runs away crying*

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