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I remember when I was graduating 5th grade. It’s all a blur, but in a
nutshell I recall my older music teacher playing piano, I remember
sitting in the auditorium, and I remember we were singing “man in
mirror” by Michael Jackson. At one point when he says “oh yeah”, all
the kids in unison said “oh no” because she had corrected us with “oh
no”. So of course we were a bunch of wise guys!

I can’t remember who attended, but I FEEL that my mom was certainly
there. Mom has always been there for me, even after graduating boot
camp she trekked down to Texas for her boy.

I wish I had pictures or video of back then, those early years. I have
some, but technology was not as prevalent and we were poor. My mom
always made sure we had food, clothes, toys, and stuff, but we were
not well off. Yet all things considered we were ok, and by God we were
a family, I’d not trade that for anything in the world.

More than anyone I credit my mom for influencing me as a parent. Given
what you just read, you should know for sure that I am there when it’s
time for my son to graduate, or any other major life event. I was
there when he was conceived (hahahah, sex joke) and I was there when
he took his first breath. Not to mention I’m always there for him as
it is on any regular day. All this is quite important, being there. Be
there for your kids, you are the most important people in their world
right now.

Similarly I’m there as best I can for my little sister. When she’s
graduated I’ve always gone. When she had her sweet sixteen, I was the
one who walked her out into the event, she specifically chose me. She
loves her dad, he’s a great dad, but her brother holds an important
place in her life.

Now that she’s older, when she wants a nice dress, a wii, or wants to
go out or whatever, I’m her piggy bank. Lol. I’ll always be there for
her, I helped raise her, and though I’m her brother, she calls me her
“other dad”. That makes me feel very special. We have other young ones
in our family, but those live far away, and unfortunately I cannot
provide this type of connection for them. I’m sorry. I would if they
were here, but they have their own parents and will have to find their
own way.

My son’s graduation was supposed to be at a certain location, however
last minute they ran into some complications and had to make some last
minute emergency changes. They relocated the graduation to a place I’d
been many times before, their very own auditorium.

The layout is like any other audtitorium, brownish colored hard
folding chairs, large space, 2 aisles, and a stage. Fortunately for us
all, they had recently added air conditioning to the place, because I
recall it could get hot in auditoriums.

My son participated in a dance program run by the National Dance
Institute NDI and his school, so I had the pleasure of seeing him
dance and participate in plays many a time before at this very

Even at the thought of it now I am slightly overwhelmed and nearly
moved to tears, it’s a very touching, nostalgic feeling to watch your
child doing exactly what you were doing what feels like not long ago.

We entered, they said the pledge of allegiance, they sang some songs,
etc. After that we were seated all the kids were brought in, they ran in
groups down the aisles and up into the stage. Up there the kids
has rows and rows of portable, foldable chairs waiting for them. They
took their seats and then began what I am certain each one of them
found terribly boring. The speeches and advice portion of the

The school principal spoke, she expressed her gratitude in being here
and seeing her first true graduating class, the first one she saw as
principal from 1st grade up. This was a special day for her as well.
The vice principal also spoke, as well as some PTA and other key folk.
Most of the advice was sound and touching.

The kids had a treat as the school brought in the Manhattan borough
president. His speech was entertaining, he was a funny guy. At one
point he said “I am going to give you kids the best advice anyone will
today. Your parents will probably not like this, but it has to be
done. Right now your kid stock is as high as it gets. If there is
something you want, now is the time to ask for it. They can’t and will
not say no. Take advantage because the opportunity will not arrived
for another 3 years or so when you graduate Junior High School. I thought
that was pretty clever and funny.

After this each of the teachers spoke to their individual classes as well.
Then they started calling the kids off one by one. They each came down
and picked up their diplomas. I was very proud when I saw my little man
come out with his little red bow tie, white shirt and dark pants. Looking
sharp! After all the kids were done they sang some cool songs. That was
pretty cool.

PS41, where knowledge comes to have fu-uuuunnn… At PS41…. 

PS41, where knowledge comes to have fu-uuuunnn… At PS41….

The Greenwich Village, Greenwich Village, Greenwich Village Schoooollll…


We closed off the event with some pictures outside. Some with my son, some with
his friends.  It was a nice day. I surprised him that weekend with a PS3 graduation
present, he definitely deserved it.

Congratulations to my boy.

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