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The bar area was a bit busy when we arrived, but not out of control. Manageable. The way it works is that you buy a drink, and you receive a song ticket. Of course it’s in their best interest to “forget” to give you a ticket, so we had to constantly remind them to give us our song ticket after purchasing a drink. Take note of that, or you will not be singing.

After most of the people arrived we moved into our private room. The room we were given was pretty big, spacious and comfortable, you could fit quite a large group in there. The space was also well ventilated and felt pretty good.

The music selection was decent and the music system was ok. The cost is $8 per hour for the room per person, and whatever drinks you have. For me and my wife, for about 3 hours and 4 drinks the damages were about $70 for both of us. It’s not too bad considering you have a good time.

This place was pretty good, no complaints, except that they had no toilet paper in the men’s room, so if you needed to take a dump, you are sh*t out of luck..

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