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I return once again to the days of suit searching. I was out in Manhattan frantically searching for a suit that would fit my frame, little to no time for wasting, but a boy has to eat right?

My wife asked me shyly (she respects my dieting efforts) if I was interested in eating burgers. I agreed. I love me some burgers from time to time.

So we went to this location, we had been here before, once I believe. I was not wearing my glasses, so I had to go close up to look at the menu. A female cashier immediately offered help and asked us about our orders, we said hello and smiled, then ordered our grub. We took our number and took a seat. After a brief wait our number was called and I picked up the food.

I must say the food here is absolutely delicious! I had a delicious cheddar cheeseburger with some yummy fries, and for good measure I threw in one of those hot dogs with saurkraut and onions.

Hmmm. I feel like getting on the train and going over there right now. I just woke up and I’m hungry, and one of those burgers sounds very good right about now. Although in truth I’ll probably just take my fat butt to the gym for a workout.

I hate to say it, but this place qualifies as a fast food place. However for fast food they make really good food. I’d say this spot rivals burgers that I have had at fancy smancy high end restaurants such as Bobby Vans and others.

I had an orange soda and at 1 point I snuck in a refill. That’s right, I’m a freaking rebel! *breaking the law, breaking the law* (ala beavis and butthead)

My wife loves it too, she had a chilidog and was ooing and ahhing the whole time. I felt jealous at the moans of pleasure a “different” hot dog produced from her! So to teach it a lesson, I took a bite as well. Hmm.. Hahaha. We both love this place and I will give them one of my seldom given, but well deserved 5 stars!

I love it!

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