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Business Review – Next Evolution MMA Academy

I trained under Mullero Sensei for over 2 years. After switching job locations the commute became too difficult for me, however I value and cherish my time there.

Mullero Sensei spent a good deal of time teaching me the basics of striking, grappling and all around fighting. Though there were other students, I never felt neglected, I always received one on one attention when needed.

I came here an out of shape, tight, frightened individual. Within 6 months I was in great shape, stronger and more confident. After 8 months I wanted to test myself in a real no holds barred martial arts fight. I went to the Underground Combat League (http://www.savevaletud…) and I competed in a full contact, no holds barred mixed martial arts fight. Though I lost (I hesitated), the experience was amazing.

Training at Mullero Sensei’s gave me the skillset to be able to compete on the highest level in NYC’s only full contact mixed martial arts show (@savevaletudo UCL on twitter). On a personal level, I consider “Mike” a great friend, and we will always be connected as Warriors in the ring of combat, and as training partners.

You will find when you train, or compete with someone a special bond is forged! Go check out the school, they recently moved to a bigger location, and the roster of instructors is stellar.

FYI: They also offer Yoga, Fitness training, and kid’s classes here..
@nextevolution on twitter…

If you go, tell Mullero Sensei that ARod sent you. He’ll be sure to appreciate it and take good care of you..

To your health!

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