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Nomado 33 on UrbanspoonI’ve been coming to this place for years.  My introduction happened to be because my wife’s brother in law happens to be the brother of the owner. So many family events have been held here. Â

But that fact aside, I found that the food and service was really good.  The last few times we went we have not mentioned who we are, nor our connection to the owners.  I found that the staff was still always cordial and very professional. That’s the true test right? They will be nice if they know you are related to the boss, but we haven’t mentioned this the last few times and they were still quite nice.

After watching Harry Potter last night we decided to come here and have a yummy meal.  I got the Kani salad, it tasted fresh and delicious, myself and the wife enjoyed it.  We also shared some rock shrimp, and though it was good, I don’t think I’ve ever had any rock shrimp that was as good as the one at Morimoto’s… The spicy tuna roll and the spider rolls were also very good, I’m getting hungry just writing about it.

My wife had the pizza roll and the super roll (I think that’s the 2nd one she had). I was pretty stuffed from my own food so I didn’t have any, but I had the pizza roll before and I found it to be rather delicious as well.

I know this review may appear biased, but believe you me, I’m not one to pull punches, if the place sucked, I’d say it, now I’d say it very nicely and try to emphasize any good that was there due to the relation, but the review would be honest as are all of my reviews.

Give the place a try, even read the other reviews, when I “checked in” on the iphone app I saw that overall the place had a 4 rating or so. That’s not bad at all for a business.  I personally enjoy the food here, with no added incentives, savings, or nothing like that we went yesterday as we have before. It’s a good place for sushi when you are in the Kips Bay area.  Check it out..

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