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We went here as we were in the malls and got hungry. I tend to spend alot of time in best buy whenever I go there, so I get hungry.

We walked in, we were greeted by a nice pretty young lady, she was courteous and escorted us to our table. Our waitress was a young lady that reminded me of Macy Gray, she was very cute and very sweet. Someone that I would of befriended under other circumstances.

In any case, I had the baby back ribs, and my fiancee had some fish of sort. My son had the chicken and fries. I felt we were constantly attended to and all our needs were met.

The food was ok, we all favored the mashed potatoes more than anything, the baby back ribs were good but felt kind of heavy and oily. It was good, but I didn’t feel very good after eating it, maybe I got that “itis”. Search “Dave Chapelle Itis” if you don’t get what I’m saying.

My son ate his food and said it was “ok”. So my son’s words become by review grade, this place was “ok”. It’s not gourmet, but if you are at the mall and you get hungry, why not. It’s “ok” once in awhile.

Good day mate..

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