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I arrived a bit early, I was greeted at the door by a pretty lady.

“No reservations made? Oh, let me call Sooj..”

After several attempts I get her on the phone, sort out the details.

“Okay, we will be having a group of about 8 coming in.”

Okay, they can accommodate us. Combine a few tables, brings me some water,
a little plate of what appeared to be some pickled items, not sure. Little by little
my old coworkers and longtime friends start to trickle in.
So first off, if you plan to actually talk to your friends, this place
was very noisy. I don’t mean just people making noise, but they also
play very loud music. As such I was doing alot of lip reading, and I had
to move over to whomever was speaking with in order that I may hear them.

The service is good, the staff was busy decorating when I arrived and
they remained busy the entire evening tending to their tables. It
definitely picks up here after 6:45 to 7pm. But considering how busy
the staff was, I personally felt they were still attentive to our

At one point one of the girls came over with a humongous whole squid. She said
“excuse me” so I scooted over. Then she picked up this big meat cleaver, I moved
over alot more at that point. She laughed and asked my wife “Is he scared.”  Yeah,
well you are wielding a freaking meat cleaver. Lol.

Now let me say, I’m not a huge of Korean food. It’s usually very
spicy, and I don’t really eat spicy. Also alot of the stuff appears to
be pickled, which I’m also not a fan of. But when I’m with my Sooj, we
always eat Korean. It’s kind of the way it is. I love her and her
forceful ways.

That being said my options are quite limited at these Korean spots.
Also I never order, Sooj always takes care of ordering for all the
non-Koreans at the table. Which in essence is everyone else. Lol. She
usually orders dishes family style. Having known me for over a decade,
and having shared many days, nights, and vacations together she knows
my eating habits very well.

For me she ordered some beef dish with mushrooms and some white rice.
I also tried some spicy chicken and the humongous squid.

The food was good, but I feel we received a small amount of beef. But
then again, I have to admit, we were alot of people sharing. Perhaps I
need to return and have the beef dish by myself before I can make a
fair assessment of the quantity.

Considering I’m really not a fan of Korean food, I felt satisfied and
miraculously managed to eat enough to not be starving.

I like the place, just note the points I stated above and plan your
meal accordingly.

If you like Korean food, this is as good a place as any.

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