Citysearch – Radio Shack

I need a 2.25 headphone jack adapter. So I went to RadioShack at Forest
Hills today. I walked in the store, no one was around to greet me. No one
approached me to say hello, or “welcome to radioshack, do you need any help?” No one offered me any help or even acknowledged me.

There were 3 associates in the front apparently helping ONE person. They were all tied up with this ONE individual so the rest of us were stuck to fend for ourselves. Mind you there were a significant number of people inside needing help.

The one person that was on the floor helping was running around with the prior customers, so they paid me no attention.

I figured I had no choice but to help myself, so I started checking around for the product, however long story short I didn’t get the product I needed and I eventually just left.

These guys need to work on their organization and management skills. It doesn’t take 3 guys to resolve ONE customer’s issue, at most it should just be the manager working whilst the other folks do the floor work.

I still need the item, and I’ll probably try Best Buy or some other shop, these guys annoyed me with their lack of caring for the customer. But you can’t really blame the employee right? They probably earn pennies and hate their job, and this is the end result.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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