Business Review – Rhythms & Dance Studio

Me and my fiancee went here expecting to take a simple salsa class during an open house. We could not have been more wrong, but we are both glad we were there!

First we were treated to a Bollywood dance performance by the good folks from “Bollywood Axion”, they were amazing! The girl that was performing was really attractive, and her movements were amazing. I definitely enjoyed her performance. The guys were also pretty good at their movements. I met and spoke with Ricki for sometime, he’s pretty cool and shows up on a few youtube clips as well.

After the performance they showed us some bollywood movements, they used the slumdog millionaire hit song. It was alot of fun learning some bollywood movements and participating in my first bollywood class. My fiancee enjoyed it as well and plans on attending the bollywood class tomorrow.

After this we received a “belly dance” from a female that was actually pregnant, even pregnant she was rocking the moves, hot, and sexy as heck! I sat out the lessons on this one, I just sat and enjoyed the show. Very entertaining. *Evil grin*

Next came a hip hop dance class. I stood back up and attempted to do this class, I was bouncing and hip hopping with the best of them. We did a choreographed routine, and I managed to keep up for the most part. I’m sure I looked like a big dufus trying to do these moves, but I enjoyed it.

Next came salsa, this one was very basic and very fast, not as fun as the other ones, it was a bit too rushed and didn’t really captivate me. I went with it, and it was ok, just by comparison the others were a lot more fun.

We did a cardio based bhangra class, this was pretty intense and challenging, but plenty of fun. Me and the lady enjoyed this class too. Alot of jumping around, it’s definitely high impact and challenging. But it’s alot of fun.

Finally we did a zoomba class. This one was also challenging, we did 4 songs, and by the end I was definitely spent. It was the 2nd least interesting class to me, but that was mostly because I didn’t know the moves and I was having a hard time learning them so fast in real time. You are expected to know some basic moves like a mambo step, and I don’t quite remember how to do those moves, etc.

By the end of the open house I was soaked, my pants, my shirt, everything was soaked. It didn’t help me that I was still hot from a run prior to attending this event. I simply thought we were going to do some basic salsa, little did I know I was in for an hour and half full blown high intensity dance class session!

My fiancee went downstairs to the gap and picked me up a new shirt to wear to dinner. All in all I had a blast at this place. The classes were great, and I had alot of laughs. I recommend this place for dancing if you live in the area.

I had a great time.

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