Business Review – Sagaponack Bar and Grill

Today I went to this spot for a company event. We had a vendor invite us for a meet and greet.

We arrive and were greeted by a lovely waitress offering us food. We were all starving so we started tearing into those mini burgers. They were quite delicious. We also had some crabs cakes and salmon cakes which were also quite delicious.

Throughout the evening we were served various other finger foods, most items I had were pretty good. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of half the things we tried so I can’t recommend anything aside from the above.

Being that it was a school night alcohol was out of the question, I did however have a plain sprite and a few plain cranberry juice cocktails. The drinks themselves tasted a bit watered down, but that’s probably because they are made to be mixed with liquor.

The bartender (Jared?) was a tall handsome man, very nice guy, totally reminds me of a movie star. We also interacted with a few waitresses who were also very nice, Debby and “Jenia”? Nice girls and nice to talk to. Debby has an air about her that simply mesmerizes you, just a great energy.

The place itself is quite nice looking, we had the top “vip” area for ourselves and it was very nice. All in all it was a great evening and I enjoyed it.

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