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I don’t like to give bad reviews, or be mean, but I have to tell you guys, this place did not pass my spicy tuna roll test.

We went here for a friend’s birthday, and much as I love her, I made no secret to complain to her about choosing the place.

First and foremost, you have to be tremendously careful when choosing a Japanese restaurant that is run by Chinese folks. I say this with no disrespect or ill will, I’ve been to some decent Japanese places run by Chinese people, but it’s hit or miss, and more often than not it’s a miss.

This place was definitely a miss. First of all we waited FOREVER for a server to attend us, and we were very hungry. Strike number one. When we eventually did receive attention from a server we ordered our dishes for the meal and waited another very long time for the food to arrive. Did I mention we were all very hungry? One of them was pregnant. Strike 2..

The final strike for me, when I knew I would never return to this place was when I received my spider and spicy tuna rolls. Visually the rolls did not look very appetizing or well made, and once I took that first bite from the spicy tuna roll my fears were confirmed. There was no way I could not eat this thing. I offered it to my friends and my fiancee, but noone wanted the spicy tuna roll.

It tasted pickled to me, it didn’t have the right texture, it didn’t flow in my mouth as it should, it wasn’t spicy, it just wasn’t right. Usually I can eat a dish even if it’s not great, especially when I’m this hungry, but this time I couldn’t eat it. It just tasted nasty to me and made me want to puke!

The spider roll was “ok”, but also sub par. I give them credit because I was able to eat the entire roll and keep it down. My friends seemed ok with their dishes, but they all agreed that this was the first and last time.

So, I will say that the spicy tuna roll sucked, the spider roll was manageable. I can’t say for the other items on the menu because I didn’t try anything else, I was scared to invest any further funds into this place.

I’d say go elsewhere if you want Japanese food. If you want really good rolls in the Queens area, take a ride on the 7 train to 46th street I believe and try out Ariyoshi, that place is delicious, and they are Japanese. Sugoi!

Angel Rodriguez

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