Business Review – Seoul Garden

After watching a terrible display of basketball skill by the Knicks we decided to go and drown our sorrows at a local food spot in K-town.

We hit this spot, the waitress was nice, the ambiance acceptable, and the crowd was ok. One of my friends saw one of his homies x-girlfriends sitting right behind us. That was a funny interaction.

Him: “Hey, whats up, what are you doing here?”
Her: *looks at her food* “I don’t know, what am I doing here?”

*He whispers to us, and she wonders why my buddy dumped her. He meant what was she doing so far from her area, so late.*

Initially I struggled with the menu, this isn’t the Korean food I know, so I had no idea what to eat, and my friends were Chinese, so they also were not familiar with anything that did not have some sort of “bop” variation in the name.

If you don’t know this, learn it, when I’m hungry I become very short tempered. I eat on a very strict schedule, particularly when I am training. I was starting to get shaky, a headache was on route, and my frustration was becoming visible. I have become much better at controlling this hunger anger than I used to be, but it’s still visible.

Realizing what was happening one of my friends suggested a dish that had white rice and some form of beef. In desperation I went with that. We also decided to order a side of cooked galbi (not cooked at the table). The food was pretty good, but then again I was starving so I would have probably felt the same even if I didn’t like the dish.

White rice is pretty simple, so that was good, the beef was thin cut and mixed with some veggies, it was also pretty good. Galbi, I just attack that! I enjoyed the dish.

I will return to this place and give it a shot when I’m less irritable to make a fairer assessment of the food. But as I recall it, the food was good, the service was nice, and it wasn’t a ridiculous wait either. It was a nice experience, check it out.

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