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This place felt like I walked into a different world. Just really odd feeling upon entering. After some prior drinking and some thai food, half of our group had ended up at this location, so we decided to join them.

I remember walking in and it felt quiet, still, very odd. The people looked different, the bartenders looked different, it was just different. Nothing like Ninth Ward, where we had been hours before.

My group had a booth, it had little beads serving as curtains, I played with those beads, reminded me of growing up. The couches were some sort of velvety material, it was cool, but odd.

We hung out for a bit joking around.  Eventually I went for a drink, I asked the bartender, I think he sort of nodded, walked away and quietly returned with the drink sometime later. I wasn’t even sure if he heard me. Again everything was just odd… Drink was strong, no joke.

I thought it was a pretty cool place, I enjoyed it. I wonder if it’s run by Vampires, because its the thought that pops in my mind when I re-envision my entrance and the atmosphere. If it is, can you can you guys make me one as well please?

Good time, I’d love to check it out again.

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