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Citysearch – Skin Station 86 Inc.

I attended skin station as an experiment. I’m a man, and though at one point I was a hard core metrosexual, I was never one to do facials. I tried a few times under advice from my women friends, and it hurt like hell! I never enjoyed it.

Given those past experiences, when I was asked to try one here I was reluctant. I was at the grand opening party and eventually I was convinced to try the facial. They used warm mist to loosen up my skin, and various other treatments to get those damn blackheads out. I will not lie and say it didn’t hurt, because my pores are quite clogged, and my blackheads were deep, so yes it was somewhat painful when they were digging those things out, but it was manageable and nowhere near my experience in the other places.

I actually started to tear from the pain at the other spots, here I was able to tolerate the hard work that was done on my black head covered nose!

The decor here is quite nice and the location is very clean. I love the mist, it felt very good. Combined with the staff which was very courteous and helpful, the experience was much more pleasant than earlier experiences. And yes, they were very gentle with me the entire time.

I don’t care what anyone says, facials hurt when you have years of crud being dug out! But the combination of tools and personnel here made it a pleasant experience. Whenever I get a facial, this is the place I go.

Check it out, ask for Darren and tell him Angel sent you.

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