Citysearch – South Street Seaport


I’ve been coming here since I was a kid. As a younger boy we’d come here during Easter sunday. As a teenager when I came of age this was the place I used to come to meet girls. We would go “fishing” here. It’s pretty funny when I think back on it.

Now years later as an adult, I still return from time to time. This location played host to my post wedding luncheon with the family. For fun we even made one of those glass laser images together. My wife, my son and I did one together, then my wife and I did one by ourselves.

I have come to this location in search of games, clothing, food and sometimes just to enjoy the cool breeze and a relaxing view. It’s a nice place to have and throughout my life I have enjoyed many visits.

It can get very crowded in the summer as people (locals and tourist alike) come to see the outside performers, and the sort. You will see all the Navy boy’s and Marines here during fleet week. And if you like you can also catch boat tours here. Heaven knows what else is available, I have never really looked as I live here, and living here means I don’t do stuff like that. Heheh.

The seaport is a nice place to hang out, it’s like a glorified mall by the water with boats.

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