Business Review – Starlight Jewelry

Looking for a great deal on a diamond, necklace, or any jewelry? Come to this shop and ask for Johnny. I bought my fiancee’s rock here, they took very good care of me. We were both extremely satisfied with the product and I felt the price was quite fair.

Currently we are shopping for our wedding bands, and obviously we went back here. Before anything he asked to clean and shine my fiancee’s ring for her, which we thought was quite nice of him, free of charge!

Afterwords Johnny spent a good deal of time allowing me to try on different rings, he explained the minor differences in sizes, width, etc. Growing up in the Bronx I seldom wore jewelry, it was something else for the thugs to steal, but as I’m getting married, she’s making me wear a ring. LOL.

Johnny also worked with my fiancee to make her ring according to her own specifications. He allowed her to try on many types, explained the pros and cons, detailed which work better and why, and so on. He even referred us to a restaurant that we wanted to try.

If you go here, remember ask for Johnny and tell them “ARod” sent you, they will take that into consideration and take care of you. Also I believe the address is actually “80” not 78 Bowery.

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