Business Review – Stop Inn

I went here with my son on a whim. In a nutshell here are my findings.

Turkey Bacon – Greasy as all hell. I went with turkey bacon because I assume it’s cleaner than regular bacon, however that is offset by the grease they cook it in.

Home fries – Bland and literally tasteless.

Omelette – Decent at best. The onions they used were hard, I didn’t eat most of them as I thought they felt like chewing plastic.

My son had the waffles and ice cream. He found something white on it, and swore it was a hair. He threw it away before I could examine it. I did see something white on it, a small thing, not sure what it was, nicely the waitress offered us another one but my son said it was fine and we let it go.

He joked “Daddy I may be eating someone’s dna, that’s gross”. I laughed it off and hoped he was mistaken. In any case I don’t know if I’ll go here anymore after this last experience. I used to eat here all the time when I lived in the area, but it seems that the food gets progressively worst and worst.

Time to find a new diner to take my son to when in his neighborhood.

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