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Business Review – Sunflower Body Work

I don’t know about this place. The place itself is nice, the people are nice, the vibe is nice, but the masseuse did something odd. And even right now I’m in some pain over it. A bit upset, and I’m hoping it will pass.

It’s a typical Chinese massage place, one of the nicer ones I’ve seen.
Affordable, $50 for one hour. Usually these guys only work on your back, but this one worked on the front of my body as well. (Not that part of the front, perv!) lol.

While I was getting my massage, someone came in with a crap load of questions, one of the girls was out there talking to the guy, then a male worker came out, but apparently they were not clear enough in explaining the answers.

My masseuse who apparently is the manager or boss, stopped my massage to go out there and answer questions. She spent a good deal of time speaking with him patiently answering all his questions.

That’s quite nice, and shows great customer service skills, but wait… Something is off?  Oh yeah, SHE LEFT ME LAYING THERE WAITING!!! Come on, I know you want to attract new customers, but I was a new customer too, and this is not the way to get me to return.

When she came back she apologized for it. I stated you are obviously going to give me some extra time, because that guy just ate a bunch of my hour. She apologized and agreed. I wasn’t happy with the fact I was left there for awhile, but I was satisfied that she continued sometime after the alarm indicating the hour was done went off.

Now here’s where the painful portion came in. As she was massaging the front of my legs, she reached the area where my knee is, then surprisingly out of nowhere she pressed my knee! Ouch! Wth was that? You are not supposed to do that!

Now just above my knee, I have a slight pain and discomfort. I didn’t say anything, that is my own fault, I should of told her that hurt and she should never do that. So she left the knee and continued. At some point she went for the other knee, again, I didn’t say anything, but I tightened my leg, and braced myself, she didn’t catch me on the 2nd knee.

I have jiujitsu tonight and I’m worried this will affect my performance, and also that the pain may stick around. I’m going to wait a couple of days and see if things improve. If not, I’ll give them a call and explain what happened.

Pressing the knee? That’s insane. Except for the knee, and abandoning me mid massage, everything was ok. The lady was very sweet and kind. She said I have baby soft skin, and that I look 23 years old. Also apparently I’m very strong and have very hard big muscles.

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