Business Review – Sushi Koi

Yelp reviews for this place were mixed. Some stated that it was good, and others stated otherwise. Me and my fiancee decided to give it a shot.

We ordered take out from here, we ordered:

1 tuna roll
2 spider rolls
1 dragon roll
kalbee plate (which comes with tempura, miso, cali roll, salad, shumai and kalbi.)

The tuna was ok, some of the rolls were a bit fishy. I always try the spicy tuna when I do sushi. That lets me know if I will return to the place. I hate when it tastes “pickly”, some places make it that way, gross….

This one gets a passing grade, but its far from mind blowing. The spider rolls were ok, not bad, but all the same, they didn’t blow our minds. My fiancee didn’t finish the dragon rolls because she wasn’t really feeling the eel in there.

The kalbi plate and the assorted items were good. I recently had Korean bbq and this kalbi wasn’t far off from the taste I was looking for. Tempura you can’t really go wrong with right? The shrimp tempura was good. The shumai was so so, a little soggy and wet.

Overall the meal was ok, our meal cost about $50, considering what we got I don’t think I’ll be ordering from here too often, but I wouldn’t completely write it off as a no go.

I will continue searching for the perfect Japanese restaurant in this area.

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