Sushisamba Dromo (Florida)


I have heard of this place for a long time, however I never paid much mind to it. Seems like a “chain sushi place’. Personally I have always like to go to a real Japanese restaurant and have authentic Japanese rolls and the sort. The thought of getting “chain” sushi did not appeal to me at all.

While I was in Florida, my friends that live there came to meet up with me and my wife. One of them was hungry and as we walked along Lincoln Road we saw this place. I figured what the hell, I’d never tried it, they were hungry, let’s give it a shot.

So I am a person that is the first to admit when they are wrong, and in this case I was wrong. I don’t know if this place qualifies as a mass chain type, but whether or not it does is irrelevant, the food was good.

As always I had to have my spicy tuna roll, and I’ll tell you this spicy tuna delicious. Well, that’s all I ate, aside from some edamame and it was also good.

The vibe here is fun and upbeat, it’s kind of like a “cool” sushi place. The waitresses are sexy, somewhat fun, and the atmosphere feels almost like a bar. I can dig it. I’ll eat here again, well in NYC.

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