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First things first, someone actually lives here, but they apparently rent the space out for events. Genius.

This space was awesome. When you first enter there was a coat check, and somewhat open space facing the outside. As you proceed inside the lower level has a pool table for those who want to enjoy a few rounds of hitting balls. Proceed further in and there are also couches for those that wanna chill or what not.

Proceed further past the tv, cable box, and you hit yet another room.
Another open space with a spiral staircase, that leads to the 2nd level. Upstairs you have another huge space that can serve any cause, there is a kitchen like space, and an outside space which features a hot tub. Yeah I said that, a hot tub. It’s a really cool space, and in a nutshell that’s the breakdown.

The event itself was good. I went on day 2. Mind you I did not get into this event, however I was fortunate that my homegirl Monique plus oned me here.

The event had alot of yelp all stars, some I know intimately and others I met briefly. Some of the newbies were isolated and not very social, we tried to engage a few new people and they didn’t feel warm or welcoming. Okay.

So, something new, I had a few beers! I never drink beer, as was evident by the 5 or so eruptions that I had from my beer bottles.
Foaming overflow, apparently you have to leave space for air to flow in as you drink from the bottle. I learned that via personal experience. Live and learn.

So though I’m not a beer fan, it was either beer or wine, and I really, really don’t like wine, so I went with one of the ales. I tell you, though I’m not a big beer drinker, I could drink this. I had 3 of them, felt fine. No hangover, nothing. The taste was not nasty, actually pretty good. I also learned it will take more than 3 beers to get me anywhere near a buzz. Shoutout to Brooklyn Brewery for providing us with these drinks.

For food purposes I had 2 crabs cakes over the evening. I enjoyed the crab cake, it tasted pretty good. Didn’t taste fishy, was soft where it needed to be and crunchy where it should be. Delicious. I will take a trip to Momo Sushi Shack and Scottadito Osteria Toscana whenever I’m in the Brooklyn area.

I had a nice time, great event. Props to the CM’s and yelp for putting this thing together.

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