Business Review – Traces

Ok, if you don't read the rest of the review, if you don't
read another Traces review, just get this: YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW.


How do I start this?

Do I tell you about the amazing acrobatics? Do I tell you about the
awesome song performances? Do I speak of the poetry? Do I speak about
the AMAZING contemporary dancing? Do I speak of the insane chair performances?
Do I speak of the lighting and how it accentuated everything we watched?
Perhaps I should tell you about the awesome music that accompanies the show?
Maybe you want to hear about the humongous hoola hoop spinning through the
air routine?

No, no, no, you want to hear about how these guys practically ran up super
duper long fireman/stripper poles?? Actually you want to hear about the
lovely woman spinning through the air in some stringy thing, I don't know
what that's called.. You want to hear about how the jumped through hoops
using ridiculous methods from superman to backward flips....

Do I sound excited to you?? WELL DO I!!!!!!!!  WOW....

While I watched this show, I only wondered to myself, "How can I have been
missing this! What if Yelp never invited me to see it, I'd live and never
know about this."  It's that good..

During the entire show you will find yourself on the edge of your seat,
your jaw will drop, you will ooh and ahh in awe..  The entire time you
are there you will be on the edge of your seat, mystified, shocked at
the amazing feats the athlete performers will do...

The things these guys do, if even the smallest miscalculation is made could
kill or seriously injure the performers..  It's insane..  The amount
of skill, precision, talent, strength, flexibility and sheer talent that was
displayed here rivals anything I have seen in my life.

I was hoping to come home and give a play by play of everything I saw in this
review, but the show is not short, it's 90 minutes straight through.. There is
so much happening, by the end you are simply overwhelmed...  Breaking this down
in words or writing is just too much... My brain cannot put to words in greater
detail the awesomeness that I watched tonight... YOU HAVE TO GO!

If you like to see people flying through the air, throwing each other, jumping and
flipping with the grace and precision of a cat, if you enjoy the likes of amazing
dancers, etc, you must see this show... Seriously I am so glad that I had a chance
to discover this...  This is the 2nd show that yelp has exposed me to that completely
blew my mind...

Go buy your tickets, watch the show, and thank me later.. Believe me.. I will absolutely
buy tickets to this and watch it again. It was amazing....

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