Business Review – Twin Value Supermarket (Update)

If you recall in my last review, I mentioned to check the expiration dates, today my fiancee came home with some strawberries and when we opened them up, we found white fuzzy mold on most of them. Not sure how she missed that at the store, but it is disgusting. Seriously disgusting. We could of eaten that if we didn’t check before making our shakes, and we could have possibly became very sick. Seriously what supermarkets allow the produce to get mold? This is unacceptable.

These guys have consistently proven that they DO NOT keep tabs on EXPIRATION dates and the quality of their products. To me that constitutes gross negligence and a lack of regard for the customer’s well being. As such I have dropped their rating to a one. I hate to treat a business unfairly, and I didn’t rate them this low until I confirmed it’s an ongoing problem. This could have really made us ill. Work on rotating your products and I’ll work on your score.

In addition I have added a picture of the moldy strawberries for all to see.

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