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My son wanted a couple of tokidoki shirts based on the Marvel Characters. We looked up stores in the city that carry the brand and came across “Yellow Rat Bastard”. First of all, what a name huh? What a name..

The girl we spoke to for help had a tattooed neck, tight pants, tight shirt, and was rather young and sexy. In the words of Mike M, Sexy Young Model woman.

As a matter of fact most of the people in this place were sexy. I was probably the ugliest person there. Most of the people you will encounter in Soho are pretty hot, male and female. I’m not gay, but I can admit when I see a good looking guy. And Soho is simply full of beautiful people. This place is clearly a touristy spot, full of young types and cool looking people.

We purchased 2 t-shirts for a whopping $60! I made him use his own money that I “store” for him, I’m trying to teach him the value of money management. The little sneak tried to get me or his mom to buy it. “I don’t want to use my money, I want to save it, let’s use your money, you have more than me”. EXCUSE ME? I would have bought it for him, but that statement did him in, no dice pal.

It’s a cool spot to check out, but very pricey and it’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me. It’s a damn t-shirt!

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