Yelp – Yelp Drinks TriBoro Bus Tour

I cannot put to words how cool this event was. I had an absolute blast. Turns out that I was on the “cool bus”, but it always seems like I’m on the cool whatever it may be, so I’m seeing a pattern. That’s right, I bring the cool. You give me Mike B and it’s on to the break of dawn.

We took over the rear of the bus, had our posse up in that piece and got jiggy with it. I have written reviews for each of the locations we visited, so I will not repeat that here, but for your reference we went to:

Cibar/Moonshine/Astoria Bowl/Idle Hands Bar

All great establishments in their own rights. Our bus was chaperoned by the beautiful Leighann. She was a great hostess, I think Peter and Jane should of joined us on the cool bus. Why? Because, they are cool, we are cool, and it’s just how things are. I’m sorry short bus, I’m sorry.

The bars were pretty cool, but the bus ride, the random singing, dancing, joking and utter madness, that experience is what really made this an event. I’m glad I was able to pariticipate. I met a bunch of new friends and simply had a great time.

As many have said before, WE MUST DO THIS AGAIN! PLEASE!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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