Business Review – Yelp Jail (Update)

I think Yelp Jail has it’s place. The first time I was sent here, I felt it was justified. I said many things that were definitely off the wall and warranted me going to jail.

However, since coming out I have not even cursed in the threads.

Today I made the Yelp Weekly Newsletter:

I received a compliment from one of our CM’s congratulating me on making the newsletter. Then shortly thereafter I realize that no one is replying to any of my posts. I didn’t get a banned message, I didn’t see one when I’m logged in on the threads.

So I logged out and came to the site as a guest viewer, and searched the threads, none of my entries were showing up. Nothing, not even the self praising thread that you know I definitely created in regards to making the news letter! (Feel free to create it for me fockers)

I then asked my allies to please take a look and check if they could see my posts. Nay. Nada. Turns out I’m in some super special kind of Jail again.

I emailed our cm’s on twitter, directly and the “feedback” on yelp. I haven’t done or said anything that is nearly as offensive as some of the stuff I have read. Of course I’ve joked around, but cleanly, but I’m in yelp jail again.

So I did some research off line with allies, turns out that there are little groups that band together and flag people, little friends who plan this. I heard of this before, but I never paid it much mind because I don’t bother anyone, I figure then that noone will bother me.

But it appears as though some people DO NOT want me to get Elite, are probably NOT HAPPY that I made the newsletter, hate the fact that I am becoming known, and they are using the only power that their pathetic lives has to flag me.

The cowardice behind this action is what angers me most. Sorry my friends, it appears I will be silent for an unspecified amount of time due to the whims of these losers.

I grow tired of this childish high school like behavior on yelp, however I will not give them the satisfaction of making me quit. Screw them, I’ll be back, and eventually I’ll find out who it is.

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