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Business Review – Yelp Jail

So I was sent to Yelp Jail recently. There was no trial, there was no jury, there were no rights read, my iphone application simply said “You were banned”.

It’s a terrible place, one can read the posts, yet you cannot speak. You can still interact with people via comments and messages, but it’s just not the same. It kind of blows being silenced. The worst part of it is that I have no idea who or why I was banned. 7 days hard time as my friend called it.

But really this is a good thing for me, I have become far too dependent on yelp talk for my daily humor and entertainment. I have been considering much like my friend Janeen, simply walking away from talk. I’d still keep up with events and my reviews, but just back off the talk side of things. Up until recently I didn’t even know it existed. But talk is where you “meet” people, it’s addictive.

Yet since being sentenced to yelp jail I have written several new blog entries on my website and several reviews on here. I deleted the yelp application from my iphone, but promptly reloaded it as I don’t want to lose my hard earned dukedoms and Baronhood. I already lost 3 Baronhoods with the changes to the check in rules, however I refuse to lose my home neighborhood.

In any case, Yelp Jail, it is what it is. I’ll be back soon enough. See you later!

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