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Today most of the Talk community was made aware of my being “Yelp jailed” indefinitely. What followed were a flood of compliments, personal messages, and plenty of thread activity offering support.  Most people seemed surprised at why I was jailed yet again.  

Here is my observation: friends are awesome. I have received so much support from you guys and I wanted to say thank you. Even those of you whom I “battle” with from time to time, when it comes down to it, you are very cool.

I’ve always said it. “Even though you are attacking me, and insulting me, I would bet that in real life you are a cool person”. Today I saw that from plenty of you that “attack” me here. I appreciate your support alot.

Of course I appreciate the support from the many friends I’ve made here, you guys are the only reason I keep an account here.  The CM’s have always been kind and supportive of me, and they have spanked me whenever needed as well. LOL. I love you guys as well..

But of course it’s not all positive right? Somebody flagged me, purposely did this..  So naturally a few “haters” came out of the woodworks, taking great joy and pleasure in seeing me being “jailed”. But what they fail to realize is that this is just a WEBSITE. IT’S A WEBSITE!!!

I’m still Angel, I’ll still have friends, I’ll still be good to people. Wait. Oh yeah.. I’ll still own my home, I’ll still have a beautiful wife, I’ll still have an awesome son, I’ll still be a youtube superstar (LOL, ok, maybe not, but you get it) yet all the while they will still be miserable human beings taking pleasure in seeing others pain. If you can call being “banned” pain.  

I will never drop names, I’m a pacifist as was said before, and the thread in question appears to be gone now, but deep inside they know who they are, and they know the misery of their own situations. I cannot comment, or respond to your petty insults? Come now, even when I wasn’t banned I never entertained you, though I could say plenty….  

Long story short, I’m still alive..

The amount of support I received today far outweighs the negative energy that a few bitter people have displayed…  

Again, friends, thank you, you guys are awesome… To those I have not met, I look forward to meeting you one day and shaking your hand….  And do not worry, I am not going anywhere. Should my account disappear by another’s hand, then I leave you to figure out which Arnold quote fits best in response..

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