Business Review – UYE: FiDi Edition at the Beekman Beer Garden an Beach Club

The overall event was cool. I met a few new friends, some cool, some
neutral. By neutral I mean that they didn’t seem to know or care for
me, anymore than I did for them. Perhaps another time we will be able
to meet and socialize. I don’t write them off, just tonight was not
our night to become buds.

I made the rounds a little bit, I spoke with my regular circle of
friends, as well as some of the new folks I met. We made jokes that
ranged from giant porno penises to dancing my shuffle!

For the most part the conversations flowed nicely, though there were a
few awkward moments in there with new folks, but that happens.
Apparently there was some conflict, but I missed all that. I only
witnessed a peace offering later in the evening. I generally steer
clear of the nonsense. Being a legit fighter, unless I intend to really
throw my hands, then I won’t engage in the b.s talking.

At one point the group I usually hang out with decided to go for
Chinese food. I was hungry and was planning to go with them. But as I
said my goodbyes I was left behind. They just disappeared. Perhaps I
should have showered? Ok.

So I stuck around for a bit and shot the breeze with some new friends
I met. Towards the end though I got a bit of a weird vibe from the
group I was talking to, I decided at that point that it was time to
go. I said some quick goodbyes and got out of there. Perhaps we’ll
meet again and get to talk.

Anyway all in all the evening was entertaining. It’s always nice
seeing my friends (even if they left my @ss), and I always enjoy
meeting new friends.

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