You Ruined Me Sexually.

Many years ago, those words were said to me, “you ruined me sexually.” Before you go on a tangent, let me give you some context on what she was referring to. This was a girl I had been dating, and we had a pretty damn good intimate life, damn good.

Anyway, some months after we had split, (she cheated on me with her soon to be ex-husband out of cultural obligation, wtf) she had reached out to me. We spoke for awhile, and during our conversation she said, “you ruined me sexually.” Initially, I wasn’t sure what she meant, so I asked her to please clarify what I did, because I meant her no harm.

She went on to specify, I don’t mean that you did anything wrong or bad, I mean that you did it so good, that now I can’t experience anyone as good as you. Oh snap! Say what? As a dude, I felt really good hearing that, it gave me great pride in my ability to perform at such a high level in the task of making love!

Mind you, I’m not packing 13 inches of man meat, my dimensions were certainly not the cause of this woman’s great pleasure. I’m of average build on a good day, but as one other lover once said, “You are a very attentive lover!” I focus on my partner in ways that many men may not, and I really do derive great pleasure from the giving of pleasure.

Now you take that, and combine it with my average sized man toolage, and you have a recipe for satisfaction! At least most of the time, there was one person who after we broke up, in order to spite and hurt me threw in some hurtful commentary about the man tool. Yet, until we split, she said that I was the best lover she had ever been with, albeit not due to being the largest. Which falls in line with the threat of this story. I’m thinking the post relationship attacks were simply spite, and jealousy since I had moved on and was already with a lovely woman while she was at the time in a bad relationship. When nothing else you say seems to upset a man, go after his man tool! Isn’t that the formula?

In any case, it’s been years since I heard from or have seen this person, but a casual conversation with a friend on our sexual escapades through life brought this one memory to the forefront. I’ve never forgotten, nor will I ever forget when a woman said, “You ruined me sexually.”

Another awesome one was “can I touch your body?

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