Young Latino eye banging me

I see you staring at me young man, don’t think I didn’t notice. Yes, I glanced your way after a moment and I was going to greet you. But something told me to stop, I saw the hostility in your eyes and I simply chose to avoid your gaze after that. I don’t want any trouble, but I’m not afraid of you.

I know what’s happening here though, you are trying to bait me. You want me to look in your direction again so that you can start the “what fuck you looking at” game. But I’m going to do us both a favor by avoiding that.

You see, I’m just passing through. I’m visiting my mom and I mean you harm. I do not wish to trespass upon your space or turf. I don’t want to hurt you and I don’t want to be hurt by you. Additionally, I don’t want to be the cause of any unfortunate consequences due to an avoidable confrontation.

Perhaps you didn’t notice the two officers top side, I did. I support our police officers, but we should all know that at times, the relationship between communities of color and law enforcement is strained at best. I don’t want to engage in any situation that may require those officers stepping in. We don’t need that kind of attention as those encounters can sometimes turn deadly, especially in communities of color.

You should thank me for avoiding the hostile gaze that you keep shooting in my direction. Even now as I write this I can feel you eye fucking me through the periphery. I lived with this all through my childhood and I know what’s happening here. I’m doing us both a favor by being a “coward” and not looking in your direction. That’s one less encounter you need to have with law enforcement. That’s one less chance of either of us getting hurt, and that’s another day where we both get to go home safe and sound.

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