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Kids coping as Zayn Malik leaves One Direction

Okay, before you expect me to go after all of these kids who are crying, you have to think back to when you were young. I remember calling McDonald’s thinking that I had gotten Madonna’s home number. The heartache and disappointment I felt when I found out that I didn’t really get Madonna was terrible.

Though I think this is a major first world problem, and part of me wants to rag on these crying kids, I won’t. You really have to put yourself in their shoes, and maybe then you can understand.

A friend of mine asked us “What can I tell my crying daughter?” To which I provided two answers. First I said that she should say that maybe he is going to work on his own, and look at how big and great Justin Timberlake and Beyonce became after leaving their “groups.”

The other answer was a bit more harsh. I suggested that she could tell the child that children are being killed in War zones, girls are being killed in Africa for being girls, while they are over here crying about a stupid band member leaving the group.

Yes, I know that answer number two is kind of mean, but it’s a dose of reality, isn’t it?

Still I suggest you take the more passive approach on this, we don’t want create broken adults. I don’t know one single song that the group One Direction has done, they are so not in my radar that this news doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. However, I understand that the kids are sad and as good parents we have to support them.

So take care of your kids, but also try and explain to them how insignificant this really is in the grand scheme of life.

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6 years ago

Zayn Malik leaves One Direction

6 years ago

Zayn Malik leaves One Direction – via

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