Zumba Air Classic Remix Review

So during black friday, Zumba had a crazy sale. I missed out on most of the stuff I wanted because I didn’t realize how quickly these animals would snatch everything up. Now I know! In any case, among the items I was able to get, were a pair of Zumba Air Classic Remix sneakers. Let’s chat about them!

So my first mistake was ordering during black friday. I didn’t know before I bought the stuff, that the sales were all final and you had no recourse should there be a problem. Keep that in mind when purchasing on sale items from Zumba’s website, the sale may be final. The other mistake I made was getting them about 1 size or 1/2 a size to big. However, I never owned a pair of these, and I just followed the standard conversion formula for women to men shoes. My intent was to try them, and if needed, exchange them. But point number one of this paragraph indicates that this plan went out the window.

So, I decided to keep and use them. They fit a little long on me, but even with that, I have to use a shoe horn to slide my foot into it. The insertion point is narrow and difficult to get in. I can only imagine how hard it would be if I got a smaller size. Another issue I found was that when I tie them up, I don’t have the proper level of ankle support that may be available in the right size. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect this is the case.

When you first put them on, they feel rather fluffy and comfortable. But when walking and working out with them, they seem to go flat on me and no longer support my feet. By the end of my workout, my feet kind of hurt. This hasn’t happened to me with any of my other sneakers. I’m thinking perhaps I’ll buy some nice insoles for them, but this is worth noting.

I love the shoe style, I think they look really cool. But in terms of actual functionality, I believe they can still use a little work. I thought about selling them online, but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle. So I’ve kept them, but if able to, I would return them for a smaller size, then decide whether or not I really like them or if they are worth getting insoles for. At this point, I kept them so I have to make them work. If you can’t try them out first, don’t get these shoes.

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