Angel is a blogger with appearances on Netflix (every region except the U.S, LOL) FOX 5, NPR, HLN, National Geographic Channel, MTV, HOT 97, NY1, Bronxnet, and many other platforms!

He is founder of the NYCTalking blog & podcast. He has bylines on The Huffington Post, Lifehack.org, Thoughtcatalog.com,  LatinoRebels.com and Onmogul.com just to name a few.

Angel is also a Video vlogger, Mixed Martial Arts fighter and foodie. He’s a hip hop poet who has performed throughout the NYC area and was even featured in a hit film song that topped the charts throughout India.

Angel is a United States Air Force Veteran, a computer technician, and a certified group fitness and Zumba instructor. He’s a dad, a husband, a fur baby dad and he loves to read books. Angel is a Brazilian Jiujitsu white belt.