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Confusion about Amtrak Acela cancellations

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Amtrak has suspended NONSTOP Acela service between NYC and DC. The confusion is that some headlines or articles don’t make the…

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MTA CityTicket – Weekend Ride the LIRR from the Boros to the city!

Did you know that you can catch the LIRR from Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, or basically any of the boro stops and ride in between…

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BLT SteakHouse DC

So this is not my first time at BLT steakhouse. I’m happy to report that the quality, service and overall vibe of this restaurant in…

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Visiting Australia

Years ago I was dating a woman who lived in Australia. We had met in the U.S. during a visit to some friends here and…

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Capital Hilton DC

So I took an overnight trip down to DC to do some work at one of our satellite offices. As I was staying there one…

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Lincoln Restaurant

During my trip to DC, the local team went out for an early lunch to thank our intern for all their work during the summer….

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Visiting Bali

So I went to Bali in early 2000 with an ex girlfriend. Indonesia is a beautiful country. I don’t remember all that much, but I…

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